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Please email me with the required information below once you have booked and paid so I can access your record. Please note reading is solely for yourself and you cannot purchase the reading using someone else's information out of curiosity. You can however purchase for them if you have received their consent / permission. 

See Privacy Policy here

-Full name at birth (including any middle names)

-Full name now

-Date of Birth (including AM or PM birth time)

-Place of birth (city and country)

-A recent photo (from the last 2-3 yrs and eyes visible in the photo)

All readings will be delivered to your nominated email address in 5 business days of payment and receipt of your personal information (whichever is later) unless you have selected Gold option which will be available on the day of our reading session.

10% of all readings will be donated to charity.

$99 USD


Akashic Records Email Reading Only
Full Report PDF 17-20 pages

$165 USD


Akashic Records Report + Zoom Call
(45-60 mins) Full Report PDF 17-20 pages plus 1:1 zoom call to discuss Report

$55 USD

Mini reading - Option 1

This email reading (3-5 pages pdf) will cover 
- Your energy centres of training
- Your Soul Group of Origin

$44 USD

Mini reading - Option 2

This email reading (2-4 pages pdf) will cover
- Your primary and secondary life lessons
- What further soul gifts do you bring forth in this lifetime?

What will the full reading report look like?

A sample of a client report I have completed is included below so you would get a sense of what you will be receiving

Akashic-record-reader- (1).png
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