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A bit about me...
1) I was born in Hong Kong and raised in Sydney
2) I am Libra Sun, Aquarius Ascendant and Sagittarius Moon. I have my North Node in Aries (2nd house) and South Node in Libra (8th house) so this lifetime I am moving towards the energy of independence and individuality
3) I have a Soul Urge Number 1 (more individuality theme here) and LifePath Number 5 (True Freedom Seeker)
4) My day job is a Corporate Banker and I love analysing numbers
5) My favourite Podcast is The School of Greatness 
6) My Aura colour is Violet Blue
7) My Favourite Crystal is Rhodonite
8) I can speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin and a bit of Japanese and Spanish
9) I am currently studying Astrology and Numerology and I hope to offer these services in the future 
10) I am a Starseed and I am a Pleiadian
11) I am an ISFJ, Generator & Sacral Authority (Human Design) and my GeneKeys are 48, 21, 53 and 54
12) My Inspiration comes from Abraham Hicks, Dr Joe Dispenza, Sadhguru, Lewis Howes, Marisa Peer and Anna Sayce (My Akashic Record Teacher) 

A bit more about me....
My journey into Spirituality started when I was around 30 during my Saturn Return (I am 35 now) when I started to become aware that my childhood unhealed wounds and unmet needs have been impacting my relationships my whole adulthood. Since then my life has completely transformed albeit there had been several difficult periods with 'The Dark of the Soul', feeling lost with life and asking the bigger philosophical questions 'Why am I here on this Earth?'. Originally I wanted to dive into Spirituality and the various modalities (Energy Healing, Astrology, Numerology & Akashic Record Reading) to understand more about me, find answers to all the puzzling questions and ultimately heal my own wounds. However the more I've progressed on my own Spiritual Path and Self Discovery journey, the clearer 'The Calling' or 'Higher-Self' voice became and I knew I didn't just want to learn all this for myself - that I actually have a deeper innate desire to use what I've learned to help and inspire other people and accelerate them on their respective path of evolution.

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