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A full report (17-20 pages) PDF detailing the following:
1. What is your Energy Center of Training?
2. What is your Soul Group of Origin?
3. What Soul Trainings have you had between incarnations?
4. Which previous lifetimes or eras had the greatest impact on who you are today?
5. Which spiritual traditions did you participate in that affect who you are today?
6. What are your primary and secondary life lessons that you are working on for this lifetime?
7. What is your strongest intuitive gift at this time?
8. Are you an Empath?
9. What further soul gifts do you bring forth in this lifetime?

Reminder to email me at with the following information so I can access your Akashic Records:
-Full name at birth (including any middle names)
-Full name now
-Date of Birth
-Place of birth (city and country)
-A recent photo (from the last 2-3 yrs and eyes visible in the photo)

- Email for your report


Report will be delivered to your nominated email in 5 business days

Akashic Records Email Reading

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