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Meditating without effort, My Personal Journey!

The first time I realised that stress could have a detrimental impact on my body was in my 20s. I went through a prolonged period of high levels of stress due to work pressure and studies demand to the degree that I had episodes of heart palpitations and panic attacks. I ended up seeing a GP thinking it may be some sort of heart condition. However after doing some tests and scans, this was thankfully ruled out and it was concluded that my symptoms were just stress related. I couldn’t believe that stress could have such a physical and serious impact on my health! My GP recommended I manage my stress levels by incorporating meditation into my daily life. I was hesitant because I had this taboo perception on meditation that it’s really just for monks or old people and besides, I didn’t think sitting still for a period of time daily would be able to help me at all with my stress levels. Eventually I just left my job and things got better…. for a while.

Over the next 8 or so years, I went through two more very stressful periods full of worry and anxiety and finally came to the revelation that stress won’t simply go away if I change my external circumstances. It will continue to come back until I find a way to self regulate.
I finally decided to give meditation a go after feeling stressed about the direction of my life (quarter life crisis some people call it). I downloaded the popular meditation app: headspace, but it wasn’t long before I gave up on meditating because I didn’t really particularly enjoy it.

It was the intense experience of anxiety and insomnia after a relationship breakup that convinced me to try another form of Mindfulness Meditation on Youtube. This time I decided to commit to 14 days straight before deciding to call it quits. After two weeks of daily practice, I could feel the improvement in my emotional wellbeing. I realised that it actually works!

So I decided to up the ante and search for a place I could attend physically. That’s when I found Centred Meditation – a guided meditation studio in the CBD. They introduced me to Effortless Meditation. Effortless Meditation is exactly as it sounds – mediating without effort. I wish I knew long ago that meditation could be so easy and enjoyable!

Having now mediated effortlessly everyday for about 2 years, I have seen numerous benefits carried in my daily life outside of the meditation practice. I am more relaxed, creative and a happier person. My sleep quality is at its best, nowadays I fall asleep in 5 minutes and I don’t wake up till the morning. I also find my relationship with stress have transformed, now I work with stress not against it. These days I can’t stop talking and inspiring people around me about the benefits of Effortless Meditation and I hope that I can also inspire and encourage you to incorporate this in your daily life and witness the benefits yourself!

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