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Just love your work Amy and thank you so much for all your efforts. I really enjoyed my Akashic Records reading and report you have provided to me. It 100% resonates with me, and its really helping me to understand and review my soul growth and the soul purpose for this life time. Lots of info I come across in your report which I was unaware of but with my current life style and traits definitely make sense to me. Once again thank you so much for your wonderful service and really wish to recommend it for others too.



My Akashic Record Reading with Amy was fascinating! So many parts resonated with me, and also confirmed things that had come up in previous tarot readings. It has given me much to think about, and also some helpful direction regarding developing my intuitive gifts. Amy’s accompanying explanation was excellent, and I really appreciated her personal approach and the chance to ask further questions.

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This was my first time ever getting Akashic Records Reading.  I wasn’t too sure what it will all be about but Amy explained the purpose of the records and all the steps that she will be discussing about during the session. It helped me prepare and understand what information will be provided. I was amazed to hear all that she told me about my soul's records and a lot resonated with my personality and current life situations. I always knew what I was drawn to as my soul urge or purpose but with the Akashic records Amy made it even more clearer.  The day I had my reading done I had a lot of questions in my mind about the situations in my life however the reading helped me gain clarity and focus on why everything is playing out the way it is in my life. Amy was very clear, understanding during the process and she explained everything with great information. She made sure that if I was resonating and she listened very carefully to what I had to say. She is truly gifted with her knowledge and understanding of Akashic Records and I would definitely recommend to get your records read as you never know how it can help you clear your cloudy mind and path to a better present and future.  Thanks Amy for all the guidance.



The energy, love and effort that Amy has put into my Akashic record is amazing. I like her authenticity and passion during my reading. After our chat, I received an amazing report for me to read through which really helped to better understand all she shared. The insights resonate with me and gives me guidance through my life and spiritual journey. I recommend Amy’s service if you are curious to your soul’s origin and get clarity on your life purpose.

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Thank you Amy for a lovely reading. You gave me a lot of insights into my life. The information that I received was very accurate, touching and helpful. You are a compassionate, humble, gentle, intuitive and gifted healer and I felt very comfortable during our reading. I would highly recommend you get your reading from Amy. You won’t be disappointed:) 



Hi Amy, I've just gone through the report and I must say it is truly such an accurate account of myself and my spiritual journey. In December I did a soul retrieval and so many aspects which are contained in the report were downloaded or journeyed by me. Thank you again. You are blessed and gifted xx



Thank you so much for my Akashic Reading, Amy! My self-doubt as an artist and along my growth path has always been haunting me. I feel so relieved to my life lesson is to work on my inner strength. I am uniquely gifted hence do not fit in the conventional value system. I don’t feel alone or leftout on this journey anymore and I am much more confident to pursue my creative path and look forward. I am open-hearted with my journey ahead and I strongly recommend Amy to anyone who needs some help and guidance from the wisdom of the universe.

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Thanks Amy for this lovely experience! Akashic Record is something new to me and the way Amy prepared the report and walked it through with me during our zoom call was very helpful in understanding this modality and also raising my self knowledge and awareness. The content not only includes multiple aspects with which I resonate and gives me that extra boost of motivation and confidence to continue on the path I have had in my mind, but also opens up my mind to other possibilities in myself which I have not thought of but am definite ready to explore. I want to thank Amy for her enthusiasm and kindness.  I imaging that preparing and giving a reading requires lots of energy, but I can see that Amy is very passionate about what she does and using her gifts and knowledge to support others in having a deeper self-understanding and living their life purpose. Thanks again Amy!

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